Motor Club of America Total Security Plan |

My name is Rhonda Hicks aka Rhonda Kaye and I want to introduce to you the Motor Club of America (MCA). Motor Club of America has been in business since 1926. This company offers valuable motor club membership benefits.Motor Club of America (MCA) is within the auto club membership benefits industry who offers an associate referral program that has a lucrative compensation plan. MCA does not charge anyone a fee in order to become an associate. When a person purchases the MCA Total Security Member Benefits package the will prepay for 2 months at $19.95 which is about $40 and then the cost for the remaining Total Security Member Benefits package is $19.95 per month. The only cost involved in becoming a member.When a MCA member tells someone about the membership benefits package and they become a member, Motor Club of America will pay the member/associate $80 which is double. For example, when a MCA member tells someone and the person becomes a member and purchases the MCA Total Security Plan paying $40 the MCA member who referred the new member will receive a check from MCA for $80 in the following week in the mail (UPS).I took the time to explain this to you so that you would know that although people are excited about the referral program you must understand that you will be receiving real motor club benefits once you become a member. You were brought to this page for 1 of 3 reasons. #1 to become a member of Motor Club of America. #2 to learn about Motor Club of America’s referral fee they pay members (associates). #3 to become a member and earn money with Motor Club of America.Why are we doing this? Its pretty simple. I am a positive person, however right now its hard to find a part time job let alone a full time job. Many people have been downsized so they are not earning what they use to earn and frankly its hurting their livelihood. College students are having a hard time finding part time work because the adults who have been unemployed are filling those positions now. Caregivers are part of the sandwich generation meaning they are raising children and caring for parents so the financial strain is getting the best of them. People are at retirement age of 60 to 65 and they don’t have enough money to retire.You get the picture. What we have done is we have found a company that offers a valuable service and who pay their members to refer others. Motor Club of America mail out checks every Friday to their members who have referred new people. Its time that everyday people recognize that its time to earn an income to provide more than the paycheck to paycheck living.Here are a few of the membership benefits:
Emergency Road Service
Travel Assistance Reimbursement
Trip Planning and Travel Reservations
Arrest Bond
Bail Bonds
Attorneys Fees
Stolen Vehicle Reward
Credit Card Protection
Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental
Emergency Reimbursement Benefits
Daily Hospital Benefit
Accidental Death Benefit
Travel Assistance Program
It is really good to know that companies are still providing a service that we need and a service we can depend on. It is also good to know that companies value their members so much they will pay them to refer others. This is the main reason why Motor Club of America Total Security Plan is so popular amongst everyday people.

How Small Businesses Can Get Electric Motor Repairs |

For anyone who owns a small business, having a machine that is vital to its successful operation break down can cause serious financial hardships that are hard to recover from. Machinery break downs could befall any business, from a small family owned restaurant to a little boutique store. Whether it’s a heavy duty dishwasher or the till, these sorts of break downs can pose quite a large cost to business owners, which is imperative if they want to get the machine back up and running as soon as possible. Instead of trying to fix the damage yourself, you should always opt for professional electric motor repairs from the get go.Being a small business, it is likely that you simply cannot afford to have any of your electric motors out of order, even for a small amount of time. This is why you need to take the time to find a repair company that will be able to meet your needs for a reasonable price as soon as break downs and other issues occur. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, knowing someone who can keep your motor performing at its optimum level for a price that doesn’t send you running to the bank for a loan can mean the difference between your business staying open and having to close its doors forever.Whilst some problems might be relatively minor and reasonably easy to fix – such as a loose screw here or there – others can be much more serious and will require a more intensive electric motor repair. Whilst this can slow down business a little, once the motor has been properly repaired and has been re-installed into its corresponding machine (which usually only takes a day or two) you can get right back on track. To help avoid these problems wherever possible, you should find a company who will be able to offer maintenance as well as repairs. By controlling when your machines are out of order, you can plan in advance how your business will operate.Running a small business does not have to mean that you are in a world of financial trouble should one of your machines decide to break down at the most inconvenient of times. By having a company that offers professional electric motor repairs for a reasonable price on your side, you can ensure that the machine is back up and running as soon as humanly possible. By finding a company that also offers maintenance, you can also help to prevent many of these motor break downs before they occur.